For Spring-Summer 2024, Barbara Bui is disseminating a high dose of chic, by reinventing the art of tailoring, one of the House’s fundamental principles, together with an unprecedented array of pop prints and elegant summer graphics.

This season, the designer is continuing her iterations on tailoring, unveiling her brand-new “Suits” line - a collection within the collection that celebrates sartorial style. The masculine-inspired suit jacket is deliberately oversized for a boyish-chic look or semi-fitted, straight for a unique timeless look. It is accompanied by high-waisted, pleated or rock-couture-style cigarette-cut pants, a large man’s shirt in cotton poplin or a tailored suit waistcoat, also designed according to the strict codes of tailoring expertise. The colorblock look appears in chalk beige, black, Malabar pink and even alpaca texture pastel pink, for a classic or pop version of tailored elegance.

The rock-quotient “Bengal” print makes its way into the wardrobe, featuring stylized leopard motifs in evanescent forms, covering entire silhouettes as a total-look or as a mere hint, combined with a traditional tuxedo. Here, a leather safari jacket, cropped trench coat-style, puts in an appearance; there, a sleeveless jacket with protruding shoulder pads in pure, unique Barbara Bui-style instantly catches the eye.

For next summer, the designer gives pride of place to “cocktail” inspiration, which she rejuvenates and revitalizes, unveiling pieces with a perfect fit and an almost flashy white, like this suit with its shiny satin collar and incandescent whiteness, a nod to Bianca Jagger. A new take on the contoured tuxedo extends into a swing jacket to be worn with a miniskirt adorned with a metal belt buckle with a seventies flavor. Also offered in a linden green color, giving pieces a soft matte finish.

And there’s more… disco-rock pieces in silver lamé that rival gala pieces in terms of elegance.

On a different note, the designer is continuing to experiment with denim-chic in authentic fabric, offered in denim blue or Sahara beige. We come across a cropped boxy jacket, a structured dress with a sporty feel, and further on, we catch a glimpse of an upgraded workwear-inspired suit. Ultra-shiny fitted knit sweaters, with golden hues, are for bringing this summer wardrobe to life.

And leather, always...