Celebrating the vibrancy of spring and the refreshing update to her wardrobe, the Barbara Bui woman leans into the laid-back chic of pieces crafted for urban strolls and anticipated sunny getaways. In shades of cream or linden green, the washed cotton canvas is reimagined with authenticity and elegance.

  • Sophisticated simplicity

    Patch pockets, sharp creases, and tone-on-tone stitching perfectly define the fall of these garments, while embellishments like jewel-esque buttons and belt loops or Bengal satin linings infuse a touch of femininity. Whether styled in sleek monochrome, paired with shimmering lamé, or mixed with bold animal print, this season’s proposals set the tone for a spring brimming with sophistication.


From bootleg trousers to jumpsuits, zip-up dresses, safari jackets, or women’s suits, the collection boldly blurs the lines between genders. Coupled with washed denim canvas, these pieces adopt a raw, yet refined edge, influenced by Barbara Bui’s sartorial mastery. The ease and flawless fall of these cotton canvas proposals set the stage for an ensemble that’s thoughtfully relaxed yet strikingly deliberate.